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THE WASPS, Aristophanes, 422BC

Sean Buhagiar (1986) is a professional Theatre-Maker, Artistic Director and Creative Producer based in Malta. Sean is the current Artistic Director of the National Theatre Company of Malta, Teatru Malta. The company was established in 2017 and Sean was chosen as the first artistic director following an international call. Buhagiar first read a Bachelor in Communication Studies and Theatre Studies at the University of Malta. He holds a European Masters Degree in Performative Creativity from Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, Université Paris-XIII, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland and the University of Malta; where he researched theatre, creativity in performance, creative strategies and arts education.  In 2015, he was presented as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award by the Junior Chamber International Malta, for cultural achievement.

Sean has directed over 12 productions and produced over 30 productions in Malta during the past 15 years. He started his theatre career as an actor and trained at the Malta National Drama Centre. He worked both locally and abroad, having toured in Ireland, Tunisia and Italy. Today, he works mostly as a theatre director, having directed works for, amongst others, the Malta International Arts Festival, the Manoel Theatre and the National Theatre Company. The three productions he directed between 2014 and 2015 at the Manoel Theatre, broke audience records for Maltese Theatre that year. For Soundscapes, Sean created the dramaturgy for Kirana an experimental children’s opera with school children in Żejtun. The dramaturgy has since then been toured in schools in Denmark, Latvia, Holland, France, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 2019 he directed the highest grossing original musical theatre show in the Maltese language, Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej. Productions he directed or produced have garnered 15 National Arts Awards nominations in the last three years.

Sean also actively worked in the film industry where he acted as Production Manager, having managed over €4M million worth of productions in 2014, His main projects being three locally produced international produced by worldwide distributor E-One. Locally, he actively collaborates with Stargate Studios.


Between 2010 and 2013, Sean worked as the Performing Arts Executive of the then Malta Council of Culture and the Arts handling the portfolio of Film, Theatre, Dance and Music. He worked on the implementation of Cultural Policy and Arts Funding, having managed over €2M in public funds. He was the first Maltese national to be accepted to the Atelier for Festival Managers organized by the European Festivals Association where he presented a paper titled 'The Legacy of the Immediate' in late 2012. He has actively participated in a number of IETM (International Network of Performing Artists), Circostrada and European Theatre Convention conferences.

Sean has also co-produced nine productions with the Manoel as part of the Staġun Teatru Malti project, a project aimed at encouraging new indigenous theatre-works producing three original plays a year. He was the first Artistic Director for Dr Klown, a clown voluntary doctor project at Mater Dei Hospital. This is a project he is still active in today.

Sean was the Artistic Director of Notte Bianca Valletta (NBV), the largest cultural event in the capital city and part of the worldwide Nuit Blanche Festival network. He directed the festival between 2013 and 2018. In 2016, NBV pushed new media and digital arts on the national stage and in 2018 it was listed by The Guardian as one of as one of the top ten autumn events in Europe.

Sean has been participating in the Malta International Arts Festival for a number of years. He produced Malta's first contemporary performer-based circus show for the Festival in 2013, and a theatrical site-specific adaptation of Nicholas Monsarrat’s best-seller, Kappillan of Malta in 2014. This was followed by Immanuel Mifsud’s epic Faith, Hope u Charity in 2015, and in 2016 he produced and directed B’Tal-Linja Jaqbillek Żgur, a large-scale street theatre production which toured community spaces in the five regions of the Maltese Islands on a Maltese Bus. In 2017, he directed Balzunetta Towers, an original cabaret at Pjazza Teatru Rjal and in 2018 he produced Ħanina Maddalena, an original musical by Simon Bartolo based on the real story of the Magdalene Nuns during the time of the Knights of St. John. All the productions were held outdoors and were the most attended events of the Malta International Arts Festival during their edition. In 2018, he directed Raymond “Fight” Beck for Teatru Malta and The Crucible for the Manoel Theatre. Both productions achieved significant critical success.


In 2014 and 2015, he was the Artistic Consultant to Science in the City, which became the fastest-growing arts and science festival in Malta organised by the University of Malta and the Chamber of Scientists. Between 2015 and 2016, he held the post Deputy Artistic Director of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, European Capital of Culture where he was responsible for assisting in the development of the five flagship projects of the Valletta 2018 Foundation. In 2015 he was appointed as the artistic expert responsible for collecting data as part of the Theatres Audit for the Cultural Mapping project by Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation. His first publication cataloguing Maltese Theatres was published in March 2017.


In January 2017 Sean was appointed Artistic Director of the National Theatre Company Teatru Malta, comissioning and programming many successful productions like Raymond “Fight” Beck; which turned the theatre into a boxing ring, Is-Serra; a translation of Harold Pinter’s ‘The Hot House’, held inside Malta’s mental health hospital, Ilħna Mitlufa; a rediscovery of Malta’s lost folk song, Gawgaw; a Christmas pantomime held in complete darkness, working with the visually impaired, Sette; a commemoration of Malta’s biggest uprising on the 7th of June 1919, held outdoors in one of Malta’s biggest fortresses and L-Interrogazzjoni; a thriller based on a real- life murder held in a living room of a private residence. In 2018, during the European capital of culture, he was nominated for Artist of the year at the National Arts Awards. He recently succesfully directed the first Maltese translation of A Clockwork Orange – A play with music by Anthony Burgess, adapted for young adults, for Teatru Malta and Ziguzajg Festival to great acclaim.




Drago   |  Andre Mangion  |  2022 |  La Vallette Band Club  |  Teatru Malta & Valletta Cultural Agency

O. |  based on the works of Oliver Friggieri  |  2021  |  Teatru Manoel |  Teatru Malta & Teatru Manoel

Alice in Wonderless Land  |  Franca Rame & Dario Fo  |  2020  |   Spazju Kreattiv  |  Teatru Malta & Ziguzajg Children's Festival

Larinġa Mekkanika   |  Anthony Burgess (translated by Wayne Flask)  |  2019  |   Valletta Campus Theatre  |  Teatru Malta

Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej  |  Malcolm Galea & Freddie Portelli  |  2019  |   Mediterranean Conference Centre  |  Balzunetta Productions  

The Crucible  |  Arthur Miller  |  2018  |  Teatru Manoel 

Raymond "Fight" Beck  |  Andre Mangion  |  2018  |  Spazju Kreattiv  |  Teatru Malta

Balzunetta Towers  |  Alfred Sant, Albert Marshall & Dominic Galea  |  2017  |  Pjazza Teatru Rjal  |  Malta International Arts Festival

B'Tal-Linja Jaqbillek Żgur  |  Simon Bartolo  |  2016  |  Travelling Show  |  Malta International Arts Festival  

Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ  (Unfinished)  | Simon Bartolo |  2015  |  Teatru Manoel  ​

Sibna ż-Żejt  |  Wayne Flask  |  2014  |  Teatru Manoel  

Jiena Nħobb, Inti Tħobb  |  Simon Bartolo  |   2013  |  Teatru Manoel  

Kirana - A Children's Opera  |  Trevor Zahra & Ruben Zahra  |  2012  |  Touring Show  | Soundscapes Malta

Bliet - A Contaminated City of Poetry  |  Norbert Buġeja  |  2011  |   EUPA - 25 years of Erasmus  

A Mediterranean Clutter  |  Dario Fo, Kostas Mourselas & Tawfiq al-Ħakim   |  2006  |  MITP  |  Director   |  Evenings on Campus ​




Serataron |  PBS & Timecare Media |  2020/2021  |  Creative Producer 

Rinaxximent |  Teatru Malta & European Theatre Convention |  2021  |  Producer & Director

L-Għanja ta' Malta |  Teatru Malta & Malta Arts Festival |  2020  |  Producer & Director

Kuruna Kommandos  |  PBS & KulturaMalta |  2020  |  Producer, Writer & Voice

Epic Warrior Women: ​Gladiatrix  |  Parker Films |  2018  |  Actor

​El-Principe: Episode 1  |  Stargate Studios  |  2014  |  Production Manager

Red Dress  |  E1 International  |  2014  |  Production Manager

Dangerous Arrangement  |  E1 International  |  2014  |  Production Manager

Saul: The Journey to Damascus  |   E1 International   |   2013  |   Production Manager

Agora | Alejandro Amenaber  |  2009  |  Actor

Carabinieri – Episode 7  |  RAI  |  2008  |  Actor



Ċittadin Vassalli    Mikiel A. Vassalli    Season 2013/2014    Teatru Manoel

Indemonjati u Maltin Oħra     Id-Dudaj    Season 2012/2013    Teatru Manoel

Il-Passjoni f’Ħaġar Qim    Ġwanni   Season 2011/2012    Heritage Malta

Filumena Marturano    Riccardo    Season 2011/2012    Teatru Manoel 

Sulari fuq Strada Stretta    Joey  |  Season 2007/2008   |  Teatru Manoel 

Equus   Alan Strang  |  Season 2007/2008  |  Unifaun Theatre

              The Bacchae  |  Dionysus  |  Season 2007/2008  |  Festival of Classic Theatre, Siracusa

Mistero Buffo  |  The Blind Man  |  Season 2006/2007  |  Malta Drama Centre

A Lament for Art Ó Laoghaire  |  Art Ó Laoghaire   Season 2006/2007  |  Ireland Festival Tour

The BFG  |  BFG  |  Season 2006/2007  |  University of Malta     

The Phoenicians  |  Various  |  Season 2004/2005  |  Monastir Theatre Festival




A Mediterranean Clutter (Dario Fo, Kostas Mourselas & Tawfiq al-Ħakim)  2006/2007  |  Evenings on Campus Festival

Bliet - A Contaminated City of Poetry by Norbert Bugeja 2011/2012  |  EUSPA

Indemonjati u Maltin Oħra by Albert Marshall  2012/2013   Teatru Manoel

In-Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif by Clare Azzopardi  2012/2013   Teatru Manoel

Ċittadin Vassalli by Tyrone Grima  2012/2013   Teatru Manoel

Jiena Nħobb, Inti Tħobb by Simon Bartolo   2013/2014   Teatru Manoel


ĊirkuMalta’s Darirari by Chris Dingli  2013   Malta International Arts Festival


Kappillan ta' Malta by Immanuel Mifsud (based Nicholas Monserrat's novel)  2014   Malta International Arts Festival


Sibna ż-Żejt by Wayne Flask  2014/2015   Teatru Manoel


Faith, Hope u Charity by Immanuel Mifsud   2014/2015   Malta International Arts Festival


Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ by Simon Bartolo (Unfinished)   2015/2016   Teatru Manoel


B'Tal-Linja Jaqbillek Żgur by Simon Bartolo   2015/2016   Malta International Arts Festival

Le Nozze Di Figaro by Lorenzo Da Ponte & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   2016/2017   Teatru Manoel


Balzunetta Towers by Alfred Sant & Albert Marshall   2017/2018   Malta International Arts Festival


Ħanina Maddalena by Simon Bartolo & Loranne Vella  2018/2019   Malta International Ars Festival


Il-Qarċilla: L-Għarusa Karfusa by Jacob Piccinino   2018   Teatru Malta


Raymond “Fight” Beck by Andre Mangion   2018   Teatru Malta 


Is-Serra (Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse)   2018   Teatru Malta


Ilħna Mitlufa by Adrian Grima & Andrew Alamango   2018   Teatru Malta


Game by Brad Birch   2018   Teatru Malta


L-Ikla t-Tajba by Nona Ciabanu   2018   Teatru Malta


Boulevard by Francis Ebejer    2018   Teatru Malta


Nassaba – Song of a Bird by Jimmy Grima    2018   Teatru Malta

Gawgaw: A Panto in the Dark by Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhswani   2018   Teatru Malta


Il-Madonna Tiegħi Aħjar minn Tiegħek by Trevor Zahra & Alex Vella Gregory   2018   Teatru Malta


Il-Qtates ta’ Max-Xatt: Children’s Opera by Clare Azzopardi & Euchar Gravina   2019   Teatru Malta


VII (Sette) by Erin Carter & The New Victorians  2019   Teatru Malta


Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross & Susanne Felicitas Wolf  2019   Teatru Malta


Rinoċeronti (Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros)   2019   Teatru Malta


Min Hi? by Trevor Zahra & Ruben Zahra   2019   Teatru Malta

Larinġa Mekkanika (Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange)  translated by Wayne Flask  2019   Teatru Malta


Ħax-Xjuħ: il-Pantomima by Tony Cassar Darien  2019   Teatru Malta


Il-Kbir Għadu Ġej  by Malcolm Galea & Freddie Portelli  2019   Balzunetta Productions


L-Interrogazzjoni by Alfred Buttigieg   2020   Teatru Malta


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